Why Ageless Life Nutrition?

I am involved in practicing integrative-nutritional medicine, sometimes referred to as “holistic” or “alternative”.  A significant part of my initial information intake is evaluation of nutritional habits, intake of specific foods, supplements, and nutrients.

I always ask my new patients to take their time, without rushing, to think and assess precisely the information they write down on their nutrition intake form.

When I started this practice, many of my patients were rather new to concepts such as:

  • common allergenic foods,
  • choices of organic produce,
  • GMO foods,
  • processed foods,
  • foods with irritating or toxic preserving agents,
  • issues of proper hydration with water free of contaminants,
  • nutrient dense foods, and many other topics linked to holistic nutrition.

I found out that their initial visits were focused more on nutritional education and not so much on dealing with their complaints and medical problems. This situation has changed a lot over the years, currently a majority of my initial patients are already aware of those issues, they typically read a book on nutrition, content on many websites on topics of healthy diet, lifestyle and food choices.

Interestingly, adequate information from dietary and supplemental intake with its failures and successes frequently led to suggestions for new customized diet recommendations and tips, which translated into health improvements for my patients in the following weeks and months without other interventions.

My work in many cases at the initial visit was a foundational work of someone like a nutritionist, not really clinically related as physician’s work.  I concluded that maybe many of those people I met in my office did not really need to see a doctor in the first place, but needed a nutritionist, but they did not know that, so they did not seek one.

I started Ageless Life Nutrition in 2013, however is was unofficial nutrition counselling service and I was not clear how to incorporate or separate this in relation to my ongoing medical practice activity.  All my work on educating the patient was a part of a physician visit as an initial consultation.  My practice website had lot of very useful informative links to websites on nutrition, life style, safe consumer products choices etc., but I had the recurrent experience that very few people were actually checking them out before seeing me for the first time.

I had to raise my fees at some point according to changing economy and that made me feel like I was moving to opposite direction, so I started to think how to make integrative model of medicine more accessible and more affordable for more people, not just those in higher income brackets.

My objective is that this model of medicine, based on optimized nutrition and body -mind -spirit connection and investigative approach on searching for root causes of illness should become the main and dominating model of widely practiced medicine, hopefully in our lifetimes.  This goal requires diligent work to educate well as many people as we can who are ready for this paradigm shift. 

I believe that properly educated patient becomes empowered patient.  We want all people to be empowered in process of their healthcare and wellness care. 

I decided to start a new website for Ageless Life Nutrition as a foundational resource for people who might consult with me if they continue to struggle with health problems despite optimized diet or as a platform for patients consulted in the past or existing patient who, beside ongoing optimal diet need help to get additional supplementation customized to their health needs.

This website can offer informational support on nutrition and supplementation to anyone seeking improvement in their health. 

Disclaimer: The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinion research and experience of Dr. Simon.  The information on this website is not intended to replace a personal relationship with a licensed health care profession and is not intended as medical advice.  It is intended as a sharing of information that will empower you to make optimal health care decisions based on your knowledge and partnership with your healthcare practitioner.  In you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a chronic medical illness, consult with your healthcare practitioner before implementing information from this website.  This content may be copied in full, with copyright, unchanged content without specific permission, when used only in a not-or-profit purpose.  If any other use is intended, permission in writing from Dr. Bozena Simon is required.